India has churned pepper powder and grenades on Rohingyas

India has churned chilli powder and stan grenade on them to prevent the Rohingyas fleeing from the massacre in Myanmar’s Rakhine state.

After blocking maritime boundary to prevent Rohingya entry, India has taken this step at the Bangladesh border to prevent Rohingya.
British news agency Reuters released this information in a report citing Indian officials.

Indian Border Security Force (BSF) official said that Rohingyas will not be tolerated on Indian soil. But we do not want to seriously injure or arrest them.

The sten grenade that is being thrown at the border of India is basically used to disperse people. When it was thrown, there was a loud noise and flashing light. The people are scared, many times become unconscious.

The use of chilli powder grenade is aroused by the body.

The BSF official refused to disclose the name because it was not allowed to talk to the media about this matter. He said that we are using peppercorn grenade to drive hundreds of Rohingyas trying to enter India.

BSF deputy inspector general P. S. Jaswal is in charge of managing the patrol of West Bengal’s largest part of the border with Bangladesh. He said that the border men were using chilli powder grenade and stan grenade to send back the Rohingyas.

Earlier, India stopped the maritime boundary to prevent Rohingyas from entering Delhi has taken this step on the basis of intelligence based on the use of seas using Rohingya Muslims who try to enter India.

India considers Rohingyas a major threat to national security. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said Rohingyas in India are not refugees but they are illegal immigrants.

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